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“Those who, of their own free will and without any compulsion, act according to the Qur’an and the Sunnah wear the turban of freedom.”
— Khwaaja-i-Jahaan Mahmuud Gawaan.


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Mission Statement

Educating Muslims and non-Muslims

The Minaret of Freedom Institute was founded in 1993 with a dual mission for educating both Muslims and non-Muslims.



and counting in calling the faithful to freedom

Est. 1993

Our Mission

For non-Muslims

  • to counter distortions and misconceptions about Islamic beliefs and practice
  • to demonstrate the Islamic origins of modern values like the rule of law and sciences like market economics
  • to advance the status of Muslim peoples maligned by a hostile environment in the West and oppressed by repressive political regimes in the East.

For Muslims

We aim to fulfillment obligations laid upon Muslims by Qur’an and Sunnah

  • to discover and publish the politico-economic policy implications of Islamic law (shari`ah) and their consequences on the economic well-being of the community,
  • to expose both American and Islamic-world Muslims to free market thought
  • to educate Islamic religious and community leaders in economics and in the fact that liberty is a necessary, though not sufficient, condition for the achievement of a good society,
  • to promote the establishment of free trade and justice (an essential common interest of Islam and the West)
Our Goals

We strive to implement these goals

  • independent scholarly research (ijtihâd) into policy issues of concern to Muslim countries and/or to Muslims in America; publication of scholarly and popular expositions of such research;
  • translation of appropriate works on the free market into the languages of the Muslim world with introductions and commentaries by Muslim scholars;
  • and the operation of a scholars exchange program both to allow institute associates to make presentations to academics and policy makers in Muslim countries and to permit libertarian Muslims from abroad to spend time in contact with market-oriented Muslim scholars in America and to have access to resources not available in their home countries.
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For Freedom

Support the movement for freedom

For Truth

Revealing the truth as truth matters

For Everyone

For all, Muslim and non-Muslims


Officers and Board

The Minaret of Freedom Institute is now assembling a team of highly qualified academics and policy experts with an interest in promoting liberty, free markets, and a better understanding of Islam to serve as fellows to write academic papers, policy advisories, and op-ed pieces. Click here for further information.

Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad

President, Director, Ph.D.

Charles Butterworth

Vice President, Director

Ramy Osman

Secretary, Director

Shahid N. Shah

Treasurer, Director, M.S.

Antony T. Sullivan

Director, Prof, Ph.D.

Maliha Shaikh