News and Analysis 8/24/22

Iran gives conflicting signals on dropping the demand that the IAEA “close its investigation of undeclared nuclear material found at Iranian sites in 2019”:

If Ben and Jerry wanted to protect their reputation, they should have never sold out to a soulless corporation like Unilever:

For “political elites who … think that they’re invincible and above the law, … now, the message is very clear”:

“The decision gave the army the green light to completely raze eight villages in Masafer Yatta to the ground … and demolish hundreds of other structures … including four school”:

When she first sought a career in athletics she was offered every job for which she was interviewed; now, she has been blacklisted:

“Mo” is “committed to exploring the intricacies of Muslim-American life, furthered by the specific slice of multiculturalism that informed Amer’s life”:

Prof. Donner argues that a 7th century Arabic letter supports the Qur’an’s claim that Jews and Christians can be considered part of the “community of believers”:

Sadr’s “supporters camped outside the Supreme Judicial Council demanding it dissolves parliament – a power the body insists it does not have”:

Forced to choose between modesty and education, India’s Muslim schoolgirls fight back: